The forum is an event where project-based open discussions for (students work, competitions work, future and/or completed individuals or consultants projects) are held to present and contemplate ideas, issues, thinking process, execution and the future of architecture and its direct influence on the urban environment in Sudan in general and Khartoum in particular.

  • Bridging the gap between academia and professional practice.
  • Creating a dialog that would encourage exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas.
  • An opportunity for students as well as architects to market their talents and new ideas, also it would be a platform for architecture practices to showcase their work and have it discussed
  • Networking.

The forum can be dedicated to exhibit and discuss projects of a particular nature (students studio work, competitions work), or it can feature a special theme (eg. Environmental considerations and challenges in residential buildings) and in the latter  case, diversity would be a priority in the selection process in terms of, for example:

  • Project architect (student, freelancer, consultants firm)
  • Project scale (architectural, urban)
  • Project location
  • Project stage (concept, completed, vision)
  • • Presenters (Students, individual or group freelancers, consultants, public sector, developers)
  • • Panel (Students, academic staff, consultants firms, public sector)
  • • Audience (Students, individual or group freelancers, consultants firms, public sector, developers)


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