Secrets of Suakin

6-13th of February 2016

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Suakin Week

Held on 3 different days, in the month of February 2016. The first being on the 6th, featuring an art exhibition where paintings by prof. Abdalraheem Salim titled “Suakin Palaces” were displayed, alongside his book “Secrets of Suakin” launching at Nile River Cafe.

The second day, however, took place on the 10th of Feb titled the “Architecture Dialogue” where a thought-provoking discussion among prof. Abdalraheem Salim, prof. Adil Mustafa, prof. Mohamed Hamdi and Eng. Jack Ishkhans took place.

The last day, on the 13th of Feb 2016, titled Sudan Architecture Forum 8, was held in Port Sudan sponsored by the Maritime and Port Authority featured both a trip to Suakin and an Art Exhibition titled The Impact of Suakin Heritage on Contemporary and Future Sudanese Architecture.





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